The Wi-Fi MOD® Device is Transforming Pain Management at the Bedside

The MOD® - Medication on Demand is a wireless patient-controlled oral pain management system that provides hospitals, healthcare professionals and patients a better way to manage pain. The wireless MOD® device delivers multiple benefits to users and providers, including:

  • increased patient satisfaction and comfort with greater nursing staff satisfaction while achieving compliance with The Joint Commission (TJC) requirements.
  • improved quality of care and allocation of precious nursing resources to the patients’ most critical needs.
  • an easier, safer, and non-invasive PCA device that is transforming bedside pain management.

Our current MOD® device users have an unrivaled experience with the device:

  • 95% of patients who used the MOD® device in a clinical trial were highly satisfied with its ease of use and reported better control of their pain and
  • 84% of nurses in a clinical trial reported that using the MOD® device with their patients saved them time
  • With over 1000 patients on the device, there has been virtually no evidence of diversion and not a single instance of any observable negative side-effects such as sedation or respiratory depression, frequently seen with IV PCA
  • Improvements observed in HCAHPS scores after implementing the MOD® device, including improved sleep, mood, appetite, and general activity among post-operative joint replacement patients.
  • Learn more about how the MOD® Device can transform your patients’ pain management experience.
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