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MOD® 2.0 is a secure wireless PCA device that holds eight doses of the patient’s pain medication. The device is safely locked onto an IV pole and delivered to the bedside within easy reach of the patient. A Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) wristband is registered to the receiving patient through MODTrac™, the device’s software program.

Clinician orders are entered into the MODTrac system and at prescribed lock-out time intervals, a green light illuminates and the patient knows that the next dose of pain medication is available, as/if needed. Sixty minutes after each dose, the patient is prompted to re-enter his or her pain score, providing the healthcare team with a real-time view of how the patient’s pain is responding to the prescribed treatment.

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The MOD® device offers bi-directional wireless functionality and integration with electronic medical record systems to seamlessly transfer essential pain scores and pain data for each patient to their individual electronic health record. In addition, Avancen’s MOD® 2.0 device solutions include a state-of-the-art MS Sequel database with query and report generation as part of the product offering, capturing the facility’s pain data for all patients in all units 24/7, allowing for rapid assessment of the efficacy of pain therapy and identification of needed therapy changes with just a few clicks.

Transforming Bedside Pain Management

  • Clinical trials have shown that patients who have the ability to access their own pain medications report better pain control and overall satisfaction.

  • The MOD® device provides for an improved transition from the intravenous PCA to an oral PCA pain program prior to discharge.

  • Time saved by using the device use will free up more nursing time to devote to better quality care. The device eliminates the need for the patient to request – and the nurse to deliver – each needed dose.

  • Allowing patients controlled access to their own pain medication decreases the moral stress nurses often experience when balancing concurrent patient needs during any given shift.

  • Patients’ pain scores are recorded with each dose for TJC compliance.

Safer, More Cost Effective Care

The MOD® 2.0 device may help hospitals reduce costs in materials, equipment and staff time. Pain management with oral medications is the preferred route of control once patients can take oral medications. The MOD® 2.0 device is an easier, safer, non-invasive PCA device. There is less risk of medication error since eight doses of the same medication are validated at one time.

The MOD® 2.0 oral PCA device provides healthcare facilities an improved way to manage pain at the bedside. Disposables to maximize the value of the MOD® device in your institution, we have designed a set of dedicated disposables that work exclusively with the MOD. These include:

  • Clear eight-dose medication trays that fit securely in the dispensing wheel of the MOD® 2.0 device beneath the security cover. Each eight-dose tray is disposed at the end of therapy or upon completion of a tray of medication.

  • A clear tray sealer. Upon filling the tray in pharmacy, a sealer is applied to each tray to secure and protect the medication within the tray. The sealed tray is delivered to the care unit and stored within the automated dispensing cabinet until needed for the patient.

  • A specially engineered low power RFID wristband. Each wristband is programmed to the patient’s individual MOD® device at the time of initiation of therapy. Only the patient’s wristband will access his/her particular MOD® 2.0 device. Wristbands are adjustable via plastic clips to accommodate different size wrists. Our RFID Wristbands are also MRI-compatible. At the end of therapy, the wristband is either disposed of or discarded.

MOD Trac™ Reporting System

Manage pain across all of the patients in a care unit, facility or service area

PDQS report system

The MODTrac™ database provides a readily accessible and powerful tool to manage pain across all of the patients in a care unit, facility or service area.

  • When MOD® 2.0 devices are in use, data in real time is transferred over the hospital’s secure wireless network and stored in the MODTrac™. Data includes patient ID, Order ID, Clinician ID (if desired), drug name, drug dose, delivery interval, pain score, time and date for each patient dispense and a re-assessment pain score.

  • Re-assessment is automatically prompted by the MOD® 2.0 device. All pain scores are stored in the database.

  • A series of Therapy and Summary reports are easily viewed and can be printed as desired. Reports show a trend line illustrating the progress of the patient’s pain levels in concert with the re-assessments scores. Trend and precise time/date data can be used to determine efficacy of pain therapy and if the patient is progressing in recovery. Patients who show continued high levels of moderate or severe pain can be identified for pain therapy modification, as/if required.

  • A comprehensive report is readily printed at the discharge of the patient from the MOD® 2.0 device at the completion of therapy.

  • Data is retained indefinitely in the database and accessed only by authorized users.

  • Custom reports can be built to satisfy individual hospital/facility requirements.

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